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Janine Stevens
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Pressing flowers
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Wedding Bouquet
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Our two dogs: Lola and Harvey
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More About Pressed Bouquets of Henley

It all began in my 20s. When my friends were getting married I developed a small hobby for pressing their flowers, preserving their wedding bouquets. Now 30 years laters I am rediscovering my love for pressing flowers.

Over the past few years I have been pressing friends and families wedding bouquets, whilst also developing smaller mementos and thank you presents for the bride and grooms families. Now with the help of my friends and daughters, and Lola and Harvey, I have officially opened Pressed Bouquets of Henley, with the hope to preserve special memories for other people. 

The pressed bouquets and flowers we develop are designed to be bespoke to you. We can add order of service, information from invitations and I also often ask my daughter to create bespoke paintings or sketches of wedding venues and other designs memorable to you. We are committed to always providing a warm and friendly service, making you our top priority.

If you want to learn more about Pressed Bouquets of Henley please give us a call today.


Pressing the Flowers

Once we receive the bouquets or flowers from you multiple pictures are taken to ensure the bouquets and flowers are put back together with the upmost care and replication. The bouquets are taken apart and each flower is individually pressed.

After being pressed the bouquets are delicately put back-together and the arrangements of the pressed flowers are designed. This is a lengthly process to ensure that all the flowers are put back together correctly. The bouquets and flowers are then mounted in a box frame.



If you are interested in pressing your bouquets or flowers we will arrange the best approach with you to either collect or post them to us. On return we will post your bouquet or flowers to you. 

We are striving to ensure that the packing we use is eco friendly and sustainable. Currently we are working with a local supplier to develop a packaging approach to comply with this.